I am Director Andrew J. Mitchell, this is my website. My passion is to bring things to life on screen that could not exist in reality. Looking to create a long term relationship with an established feature film visual effects company that will continue to foster the growth of a young visual effects driven director.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to study under one of the VFX programming greats, Malcolm Kesson. Developing production tools in MEL, Python and Renderman. My documentation for those projects can be found here.


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Born to a family of Hot-Air Balloonists, developed highly skilled aquatic abilities and an immense passion for visual story telling. began in 1996 in a Central Illinois basement as an outlet to showcase my work. This is where I still and will always showcase my work. Check out my work here and other works on my IMDB profile.

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      Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University. Won Emmys for work with 26:46. Created motion graphics and edited for countless commercial, fashion, department store, corporate, news and music videos. Desgined and animated many DVD and Blu Ray menus for Universal, Fox and New Line Cinema with Company Wide Shut. Graduate Diploma in writing and directing from Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne. Began working with Atlantic Records and Fallout Entertainment creating music video and music based projects. Currently completing Master of Fine Arts Degree at the Savannah College Art and Design. Hacking the X-Box Kinect and working on feature film projects.

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    • BRAND NEW!

      Nov 9, 2011 | Posted by: ajm

      Hey guys! DrewNews has been in shambles for a while, but it's now all shiney and new! Still working to get some older short films and things in order to put into my portfolio. As well as a great piece about my Walt Disney Imagineering project. STAY TUNED!


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    Currently finishing my MFA for Visual Effects at SCAD in Savannah. Still constantly moving, constantly traveling. You may find me in LA, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta or the like this year.

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    Tel: 323-449-3739

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